5 Key Factors for Creating the Perfect Terrace.


Summer is already here it’s time to spruce up the outdoors. Balliu has 5 keys you should follow to get the most out of your space and create the perfect terrace.

  1. Analyse the space you have.

    Measure your terrace well so you can make the right decision on how to best use it. Take a good look at the ground, whether it is lawn, flagstones or cement – the type of ground will condition the type of furniture you should choose and the colours that will best suit it.

  2. Aim for maximum functionality.

    Think about what type of activity will take place there. Will you use it for summer suppers with friends, for some leisurely sunbathing or for relaxing with a good book? Not all terraces are that big, so it is important to establish your priorities in order to make the most of it.

  3. Choose your furniture well.

    Once you have decided on the functionality your terrace will have, choose the type of outdoor furniture that best suits the atmosphere you want to create. Remember that the furniture will be unprotected and will be subjected to changes in temperature. If you don’t choose the right materials, it will not keep long. We recommend choosing items that are resistant and durable and have been made to stand up to different types of weather. This way, you can be sure they will remain in good condition for many years to come. Comfort is important, so choose furniture that meets your needs and does not require excessive maintenance, leaving you free to enjoy your spare time as much as possible. Opt for timeless designs that suit your space and stay in fashion for a long time.

  4. Protect yourself from the sun.

    If you have a terrace that gets the sun for many hours a day, look for solutions that provide you with shelter where you can enjoy your outdoor space at any time of day. There are many options available nowadays to suit any kind of terrace. Whatever style you choose (awnings, canopies or sunshades), we recommend that you pay special attention to the material it is made from and whether it has the necessary UV protection. Sunrays are very aggressive, weaken fabric, making it age more quickly, and fade the intensity of its colour. For areas hit by strong wind, make sure to use storm-resistant materials and use a heavy enough base for your sunshades to ensure they remain stable, so preventing unnecessary accidents.

  5. Add atmosphere to your terrace.

    It’s time to decide on colours. Choose the ones that best adapt to your garden area. We recommend going for neutral fabrics for tables, chairs and parasols and then using more daring colours for additional furniture, such as loungers and mini loungers, or accessories, such as cushions, tablecloths and towels. This will give you an elegant space while adding personality and atmosphere to your terrace.

Now you know how to create your perfect terrace, let your imagination run wild and start designing your space. At Balliu, we have the outdoor furniture solutions that best adapt to your needs. Don’t hesitate to request more information from info@balliuexport.com.



Presence at trade fairs – key to success!

2018 has been a very special, positive year for the company. We celebrated our 50th anniversary launching the new EVA PRO sunlounger – the next step for our top model, EVA RG, designed by the industrial designer Jordi Aguilar. The new sunlounger with its refurbished, more modern style was a runaway success, positioning itself at the top of the ranking for our best-selling sunloungers.

We also took another step in design, partnering with designers to create some exclusive collections for our EVA PRO.

The talented Lara Costafreda created fabrics inspired by the Mediterranean to add a touch of colour and fun.


And the brilliant designer Mario Eskenazi partnered with us to create the slats, resulting in an innovative product that is one of a kind on the market.

Trade fairs allow you to quickly make contact with potential customers and are a great chance to showcase what you do and differentiate yourself from the competition. They are even a good launchpad for starting up international operations, as you usually meet visitors from other countries. A stand at a fair is a fabulous opportunity for showcasing your company and your presence alone allows you to boost the positioning of our products and your business image.  The relaxed atmosphere is useful for reinforcing your relationship with your usual customers, strengthening trade relations, proposing new agreements, offering different promotions and making sales.

2018 has been a very active year for Balliu as regards international fairs. We presented our products at a total of 20 trade events in different countries.

We took part in two of them directly. We presented all our new items at the most important trade fair for outdoor furniture: spoga+gafa (Cologne).

We took part at the Coperama Market Place in Barcelona — a partners-only event.

Balliu had a presence at the 18 remaining fairs through our partners and distributors.

In February, all of our new items and products were presented at the Andalusia Fair, H&T Malaga, the Beaches of Torremolinos Fair (all in Spain) and the annual SIPRHO Fair in Montpellier (France).

We also had a presence—through our representatives—at VVS Strandbeurs in Holland and at the annual HORECA trade show in Athens (Greece), and at the end of the month and beginning of March, at the GAST trade fair in Split (Croatia).

The EVA PRO sunlounger was presented thanks to our distributors at the HD Expo in Las Vegas in May, at ABASTUR in Mexico in August and at the Asonahores Fair in the Dominican Republic at the end of September.

In October, our distributors took part at the SUN-SIA Guest Trade Show in Rimini (Italy), at SALON ATLANTICA in La Rochelle (France) and at the ZwembadBranche Dag in Utrecht (Holland).

Lastly, in November, our outdoor furniture collections were presented at the Salon SETT in Montpellier (France), at the Swiss Bad Fair (Switzerland), at the Aalsmeer Trade Show (Holland) and at Xenia Expo in Athens (Greece).

The marketing department at Balliu Export would like to thank all of our distributors for their great work and their ongoing trust in the quality of our Balliu furniture.

At Balliu, we continue to carry out research and strive to provide you with the resistant, safe, top-quality, environmentally-friendly products that are best suited to the outdoors.


Here’s to 2019!


Setting trend in Spoga!

We have come back from the holidays stepping hard, our presence in the Spoga Fair in Köln has been a success and for that we want to thank all our partners and visitors who have participated in the fair, especially our partner Johan Wijnja who after years of collaboration remains faithful to our team.

It has been three successful days of fair and according to the data of Köln Messe, the fair has closed its doors with an increase in the number of visitors, trends and innovations around the sector have attracted some 400,000 professional visitors from 114 countries. More than 2,000 exhibitors have presented all the technical innovations, the most current designs and the latest trends, all in one place and at the same time.

In our 50th anniversary Balliu has presented at the fair a new collection betting on innovation and setting a new trend in the market. Our designers have managed to offer novelties in their designs capturing the interest of our visitors.

Jordi Aguilar, industrial designer, has presented us with a new product; the new EvaPro, a reinterpretation of our bestseller Eva RG, with more current and ergonomic lines, more functionality and with maximum safety for the user.

Lara Costafreda, illustrator, has designed a unique, sensitive and elegant collection in three fabric designs for our Eva Pro that immerses her in the Mediterranean environment.

Mario Eskenazi, graphic designer, has achieved through simplicity to find the essence of the brand and translate it into our new deckchair reinterpreting the classic tablet in a novel product.

Thanking the three designers for participating in Balliu in this new stage, we are sure that their work will be well recognized. The strategy and the objective of the company has been consolidated by the image level and quality of its products and we will continue in constant work to do so.

And finally, thanks to all the Balliu team for the great effort and work they have done in recent months to achieve our prospects.



Essential Trends

Another year and once again the Milan Furniture Fair is hosting the principal design companies, who are unveiling the new trends that are coming for the 2018/2019 season.

On visiting the fair we see that the Nordic decorative style is disappearing in favour of a more retro style, characteristic of the 50’s and 60’s, tubular structures, circular forms and floral finishes; leading brands such as Kartell, Magis, Moroso and Jasper Morrisson are joining this new trend.

At this new edition, as we saw in the previous one, there are still sofa, chair and bench suites made in perforated plate, juxtaposing the solid and the void, so as to free part of the structure and achieve a lighter, more industrial appearance of the materials; Gandía Blansco, Magis and Dedon are moving in this direction.

Warm colours are coming to the fore, different tones of green, terracotta, pink and yellow, in their deepest shades and pastel, moving away from brighter colours and bringing a natural, peaceful air to exterior spaces.

We highlight Tórtora and bronze colours for the frames, bringing us to an earthier world where brown has the same importance as more traditional grey and white.

As far as finishes go, both for resin and aluminium, matt is gaining precedence over gloss, the latter increasingly absent in new furniture collections.

As we were already heralding  with the launch of our new EVA PRO sunlounger made from 100% recyclable resin, the ecological trend is getting ever stronger and becoming increasingly important. There is research into recyclable and biodegradable materials, as we can see in the Satellite Salon, where the brightest emerging talent exhibits, directed by Marva Friffins, and where on this occasion the awards have gone to designs with recyclable materials.

We also find this maxim with the new chair presented by Kartell, the BIO chair, manufactured in an innovative ecological material, heralding that it will become a general trend in the immediate future.

The Milan fair is not to be missed by design and decoration lovers, and for yet another year it has been an inspiring experience for the creation of new outdoor furniture collections.

Keep your eye on our blog, we will be presenting all our innovations soon!