Tips for surviving quarantine

For these days of quarantine we give you some advices that we follow in Balliu and helps us to face with energy and positivism these days of confinement.

1. Set a routine.

If you have set up a home office and you can afford to telework, set a schedule and try to respect it every day. Organise your daily tasks and set up rest hours.  You will be more productive, you will avoid distractions, you won’t be working any more hours than you should.

2. Find a balance between work and family.

Respect the hours you devote to work and the hours you devote to your family, it is important to seek a balance so that you can devote quality time to both parties.

3. Train and educate your workers.

Take advantage of your time to do those courses you had pending. It will help you to have a motivation and update your knowledge, this will be positive both on a personal level and for your professional career. You will get new ideas to put into practice in your business.

4. Plan your purchases

Make a list of everything you need and draw up a budget. When the confinement is over you will have your shopping organized and you will be able to spend more time on leisure.

5. Rethink your space

Confinement also gives us the possibility to observe our home more objectively. Make the most of your outdoor space, whether it is a small garden or terrace, get the most out of it and enjoy the good weather.
While the confinement lasts, we invite you to check our web site for all our Balliu outdoor furniture, tables, chairs, sunloungers and all the accessories you need to make the terrace your favourite place in your home.

6. Meditate

Take a few minutes to meditate, this will help you to be more patient and see the situation from another point of view and have a more optimistic view.

Think of this period of forty as a period of personal and professional growth, make the most of the time it gives us and transform a problem into an opportunity.