We visit the most important trade fair in the sector


On 2 and 3 September, as is tradition, we visited the Spoga trade fair held in Cologne (Germany) to get up-to-date on the latest trends in the garden furniture sector.

This year, the main theme of the fair was City Gardening or what it means to garden when there is no garden, showcasing solutions adapted to urban areas We discovered the recreation of small jungles in reduced spaces. We saw many accessories such as flowerpots and cushions and lots of vegetation that help accentuate the sensation of well-being and create small oases that invite one to take refuge from the stress caused by life in big cities.

Regarding fabric colours, there are lots of pastels, particularly yellow tones, which are complemented with greens, pinks and blues. Regarding structural finishes, we saw a clear trend towards more natural colours, browns, dove grey and anthracite grey, which confirms the trend that has been advertised in previous seasons of making the terrace a continuation of the interior, where designs are valid for both areas, uniting the design discourse and following one overall concept of the space.

While it is true that we have observed new trends for decoration and finishes, we cannot say the same about new garden furniture solutions. Materials such as aluminium, polypropylene and wood continue to be the stars of the show.

The fair paid particular and necessary attention to the environment; we saw products made from recycled material and proposals such as the appearance of Green Areas in urban spaces that help control the temperature and contribute to controlling climate change.

At Balliu, we are looking forward to visiting the next edition which will be about Sustainable Gardens, where we hope to find interesting solutions that help control the environmental impact.


In September 2019, we also visited the Habitat Fair in Valencia, the international showcase for the Spanish sector.

The fair is aimed at the national exports and projects market. Manufacturers present their new indoor and outdoor furniture, not just to agents and national points of sale but also to international influencers and buyers.

It helps to give visibility to companies that have still not taken that first step in beginning their export business and also to consolidate and increase the presence in external markets of those companies that already have export experience.

Our objective was to be up-to-date with new developments and observe new outdoor furniture trends to face the new season in our Balliu Store project.

Our installations have over 700 m2 for the display and sale of outdoor furniture. Although our brand Balliu is the star of the showroom, we like to expand the market with other powerful proposals to cover all the needs of the retail sector.

At the fair, we visited the brands that currently form part of our showroom to see their new designs and finishes.

Although the greatest success of the visit was getting to know new brands and, therefore, interesting outdoor furniture solutions that we hope will soon be on display at our Balliu Store showroom.