The Green Beach has arrived!

We start the year with good ecological news, the first beach with the Green Beach Certificate in Catalonia is now a reality.

The Torre Valentina beach, in Calonge (Girona) has been awarded the Green Beach certificate, the first beach in Catalonia and the second in the whole of Europe to obtain it.

The award has been developed by the University of Girona Tourism Research Institute (INSETUR), within the framework of the European Models of Integrated Tourism in the Mediterranean (MITOMED+) project to which nine bodies and institutions from countries like Italy, Cyprus, Croatia, France, Belgium and Spain have affiliated, and it takes aspects such as accessibility, safety, sustainable management and water quality into account.

The accredited beach at Torre Valentina has 12 photovoltaic solar panels that supply power to the beach facilities and the lifeguard hut. They also, via a battery, power the domestic hot water, the lighting and all the household appliances in this municipal space. There is a completely free recharging service for electric bicycles. On the matter of accessibility, so as to guarantee access to the water for people with reduced mobility and their carers, the Balliu footbridge has been installed.

In Catalonia there are two other candidate beaches participating in the Catalonia model of integrated tourism project.

We would like to congratulate Calonge council for this pioneering initiative and on behalf of our company encourage everyone to be environmentally aware. The accredited beach at Torre Valentina is an example to follow in looking after these environmental and social aspects, and in contributing to the correct functioning of the planet.

Balliu, as a company that manufactures plastic sunloungers, is concerned about the environmental impact of this material, we reject the malpractice of single-use plastic products, and we manufacture long-lasting loungers with additive-free polypropylene making them 100% recyclable.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the project!

Footbridge Balliu in Calella de Palafrugell beach