Celebrating our 50th anniversary

On November 25th, we held our first Balliu convention with our partners, another opportunity to develop professional and personal relationships. The motive for our celebration was the company’s 50th anniversary, which is coming up next year 2018.

We are aware that our success comes from the work and effort of all the company’s distributors, customers, and staff throughout those 50 years, which is why we are proud to continue as the sector’s leading sunlounger manufacturer.

We are excited and enthusiastic about this new phase. Our commitment to continue offering the best products for the professional sector derived in the launch of a new sunlounger, the Eva Pro. The project has been long and tough, involving prestigious designers who managed to capture our spirit and values, expressing them through their creations. Thanks to our great team making it all possible, we were able to convey our values of innovation, commitment, quality, and sustainability.

Specialized in product design and Balliu industrial designer, Jordi Aguilar created the new structural design; comfortable, versatile, with maximum resistance and adaptability to a wide range of environments.

The new project comes with new fabrics too, designed by Lara Costafreda, a graphic designer with a fashion sense. She designs using watercolours and draws inspiration from natural elements, taking us to a pure dimension.

We also launched the Eva Pro T, with some innovative slats designed by Mario Eskenazi, an Argentinean graphic designer. Known for his simple approach to brand identity projects, he does away with the expendable and highlights the true essence of things.

The company’s management would like to thank all those that attended and made the event possible, as well as those involved in the new product, undoubtedly a success, and lastly, our Balliu team, who drive the company forward.