Responsible tourism, millennial travellers

Today’s post is dedicated to the millennial generation of travellers, young people born between 1980 and 2005, as in the near future they will represent half of all tourists, reaching a total of 320 million. These young people are bent on learning about other cultures, getting to know local people manners and discovering exotic destinations. Their main motto is: travelling is a part of experience.

Their destinations are mostly traditional places in nature, less protected remote surroundings. For this reason, companies that operate in the tourism field must develop sustainable projects to avoid harmful impacts on their destinations. How can it be done? The solution is to apply sustainable practices. Sustainable tourism is committed to causing the least possible impact on the environment and on local culture.

Millennial travellers feel a great desire to share everything they see, in a very original and incredible way, by showing unique places, original food, impressive landscapes and scenes with local people, through their own social media pages. For this reason, it is necessary to raise awareness about sustainable practices, as millennial travellers are influencing travel trends with their mentality based on environmental preservation. The tourism industry must fulfill with the demands that are of the utmost importance, offering them products and services that support their cause to prevent negative reactions  of any non-sustainable practices they may come across.

For that purpose, in Balliu we are aware of the millennial generation best practices and we offer 100% recyclable products, without causing any harm to the environment in our production processes, as confirmed by our ISO 14001 certification.


We continue to strive to create a better world.