The classics are back in style, with nostalgia.

Once again, we have visited two outstanding industrial design fairs for our sector.

Heimtextil was a chance to see all the latest trends and innovations in textiles. This year’s title, “Explorations”, invited visitors to travel with their senses. We would highlight four styles for decorating businesses and restaurants that will be popular this year.

The “Abissi” style is inspired by the ocean depths, featuring deep-sea shades of blue, coral and rose.

The style “Nature and artifice” blends elements taken from nature with high-tech inserts. There are contrasts between greens and greys, with flashes of orange to break up this harmony.

The “Psico bit” style is a hallucinatory journey with an arithmetic effect, using jarring colours such as yellow, hot pink, violet and lime green.

Finally, there is “Africa Punk”, which combines nature and urban space. The colours used in this style are yellow, red and burgundy.

Patterns using natural motifs such as flowers, branches and landscapes, fauna of the Amazon, flamingos, toucans, parrots and tigers will be all around us this year.

Milan’s Salone del Mobile trade fair showed us elegant, sophisticated designs, with simple forms  and warm colours for basic furniture, playing it safe with classic looks.

The leading lights of the sector have opted to rework existing designs, showing a preference for timelessness. We would highlight the Dream Machine stool by designer Eugeni Quitllet, or his Ibiza chair, inspired by traditional forms. The legendary Thonet chair, a classic in furniture design, has been renovated in form and finish, with sophisticated results.

Textiles continue to employ elegant patterns with neutral tones, following the influence of the trends we observed at Heimtextil.

Metallic materials are still in fashion, being used both in supports and on surfaces.

Finally, we come to the item of furniture most viewed at the fair, the sofa.  The choice of this item indicates the desire to provide a place for people to meet in comfort and safety. We saw them in different shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, noting the modular models that make it easy to combine pieces to suit different locations.

With this in mind, we have presented a collection for this year inspired by vintage models.  It is a modular sofa group inspired in the styles of the 1970s, with rounded, natural forms.  Its elegant, neutral colours are intended to blend into the surroundings and create a perfect combination that evokes nature and harmony. The more daring can add a dash of colour by adding cushions with different geometric finishes and bolder colours that give character and personality to the space.

An essential addition for those summer sunsets.